Baanan Village

The home village of Xix and Siana. Regis Nex killed everyone there.


After betraying the Regis Nex, Demon Serin attempted to seek asylum in the Banaan Clan Village. After Nex's forces found her, Serin left two children, Xix and Siana in the village, claiming that they were her children and asking that the villagers raise them.


The Banaan clan was one of the many villages in Chaos that had sworn loyalty to the Regis Nex. The villagers knew the tales of Nex's heroism during the last great Magnanix, and were ecstatic to learn that he would be visiting their village. All of the villagers lined up in the village to witness the Regis as he passed through the village, and welcomed Nex excitedly after he arrived. However, after Nex discovered that one of the inhabitants had been tainted by Caladbolg, he ordered his forces to slaughter the entire village and burn their bodies to keep Caladbolg's corruption from spreading.


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