Kerberus Caesar
Kerberus Caesar



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185 cm (6'1")

Professional Status

Demon Clan

Kerberus Caesar is a loyal servant of Demon Serin. When Regis Nex was still a human, Caesar was with Serin when she made him an undead.


Caesar is actually a dog that takes on a humanoid form of a plump man wearing a tracksuit. Caesar has pointy ears with three earrings on each side. His hair is ruffled up and he possesses pointy teeth.


Caesar is very devoted to Serin and is extremely protective of his master. He is willing to sacrifice his life for her and shows no hestitation in telling someone off who speaks negatively of her. Has slight prejudices of humans and views them as the weaker, stupid species.


Has served Serin's family for years, other facts about his past are unknown.


Caesar was seen more in Immortal Regis helping his master, Serin, search for the whereabouts of the missing demon stone, Semek.

In Cavalier of the Abyss, he is only seen in the flashback offered by Caladborg's Intent. When Serin is severly injured during the confrontation with Nirvana and Caladborg's return to Chaos, Caesar is at her bedside caring for her instantly. He pleads with her to take time off from the Abyss support system when a sullen Jae-Hyuk makes his appearance. Caesar is quick in telling the undead to leave, but Serin scolds him for his audacious behavior and Caesar is asked to leave so the two are allowed a private opportunity to reconnect after two years of no communication.

Powers & Abilities

  • Can shift back into his demon form of a canine, possesses dog-like abilities


Demon Serin

His master. Although Cavalier of the Abyss does not include his character as much, his selfless devotion is shown time and time again for his master. He treasures Serin and looks down upon anybody who treats her with disrespect.

Regis Nex

While in Immortal Regis, he looked down upon the undead for his weakness and thought he was a hindrance for Serin's future as Demon Clan Head, in Cavalier of The Abyss his despise of the undead is quite noticeable. While he used to talk down to the undead, after Caladborg is reawaken and Jae-Hyuk disconnects communication with Serin, he abhors Jae-Hyuk since the undead has disrespected his master and caused her grief.

It is unknown if Caesar has yet to make another appearance because Regis Nex has something to do with it.


Chapter Appearances


  • Caesar is not seen again after the events of the magnianix and it is uncertain if he will make a reappearance.
  • His devotion to Serin is well-known and it surprising that he has not come to her aid yet which makes it questionable as to whether or not Nex has something to do with the servant's absence.


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