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Night Clan

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Hidden in Siana's clone

Nirvana is a demon stone and a member of the Night Clan. After the flashback arc, Nirvana's whereabouts are kept unknown until it is revealed by Osky and Just that Siana's fake body is housing the demon stone. Caladbolg hid the stone within Siana with the hopes of using Nirvana's abilities to reopen a way into Chaos. His plans prove successful.


Nirvana has a sensual appearance, her black dress is very form-fitting and give her a prestigious appearance. She wears a pearl necklace and other feminine accessories. She is quite fashionable and parts of her clothing give hints that she likes animal prints as well. Nirvana appears to have reddish hair that matches with her ruby red lipstick (the shading is similar). She has a very slim build to her and doesn't possess a warrior's bulk to match her physical strength.


Nirvana is traitorous and lives only to serve Caladbolg, she betrays her very clan just to help the demon stone gain power. While she is both dutiful and loyal to her master, she has proven herself as a formidable enemy. When addressing enemies she comes across as arrogant, but whenever talking to Caladbolg she begins acting like an infatuated follower. Sometimes her mannerisms are maternal and if she's not acting infatuated with Caladbolg, she chastises him for placing himself in harm's way since it's her duty to care for him.



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Nirvana loves Caladbolg, who is considered the strongest of the magic stones, and practically idolizes him. Nirvana betrayed her initial clan to follow Caladbolg and will use any means necessary to prevent harm coming onto him. Whatever Caladbolg wishes is granted by Nirvana without question.


Their relationship has not been shown yet since Nirvana is only using Siana's body to help Caladbolg build a bridge between Earth and Chaos by sacrificing the clone.


Chapter Appearances


Nirvana distorted night

Nirvana in Distorted Night

  • Readers are led to believe that Nirvana was destroyed until Osky realizes what is trapped within Siana's body and is keeping her stabilized.
  • Nirvana appears in the Cavalier of the Abyss side-story novels, Distorted Night.