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Osky is the creator of many evil demons in chaos. He is currently accompanying Xix to aid him in taking revenge on the Regis Nex. While with Xix, Osky takes on a form of a black crow.


Osky usually takes on the form of a crow when working with Xix. While having a human form, he dresses in a loose black cloak and a buttoned down formal shirt. He wears an eyepatch with an x crossed over on his right eye (it is unknown if he is blind or if its for decoration).


Osky has a zany personality and hates to get his hands dirty. He tries to lie to get out of situations but is always caught in the middle of a lie. Osky is extremely perverted and has no problem trying to sneak peeks of Yuan's body (he also has maids that are scantily dressed). Osky gets into fights with Xix, his partner, and calls Xix an idiot. Osky shows fear of strong opponents, and uses body doubles to avoid harm.



Powers & Abilities

Osky can transform himself into an animal of his choosing. He usually takes on the form of a crow while out with Xix. He can send his conscience into the animal he transforms into, while staying at a safe location back in his house.

Demon control

Osky has enough powers to keep demons of his creation under some control, although he isn't strong enough to keep them subdued.



The two are partners but get along as well as cats and dogs. They have a love-hate relationship but do sow concern for one another. Osky gave Xix the demon Skoll and keeps an eye over the boy's growing potentials. Xix finds amusement in tormenting the bird form Osky chose to morph into. Xix has low tolerance for Osky's flirtacious manners towards Yuan. While Osky has low tolerance for Xix's lack of emotional control and often picks on the teenager for being far weaker than Nex.


While Osky proclaims himself as Just/Ouroboros father and creator, the demon does not show the same fondness for his creator. Just loves to torment Osky and is often seen toying with Osky's crow form and pretending to feed the crow to the numerous snakes which follow Just. Osky is often shown chastising Just but it usually ends with Osky fleeing for his life. The two can get along to a certain extent before Just turns around and attempts to fry his creator literally. Just does not look fondly on Osky's pervacious mannerisms, while Osky does not tolerate Just's lack of respect to him- though he usually fails to change the demon's behavior.


  • "I am one in fury. The recipient of victory. The father of all things commands-Evil Risen From The Primeval!" - Osky summoning his creations, Chapter 8- Creator of Evil.
  • "Moonin, as you know, there's one weakness of the evils I create.That they don't ever forget their creator, which is me." - Osky to Moonin, Chapter - Creator of Evil.

Chapter Appearances


  • Osky is famous throughout Chaos for his creations (such as Ouroboros and Skoll), though it is also common knowledge throughout Chaos that all of his creations are born with the unfortunate side-effect of having the uncontrollable urge to kill him (a running gag in the series is Osky's fear of Just, and his being constantly on guard while around his "son" for fear of being killed).
  • Xix and Osky have a love/hate partnership as allies.
  • Osky currently has control over the demon stones Semek (which he took in exchange for granting Xix the power to defeat the Regis Nex) and Nirvana (which he obtained after Xix took her from Siana's body).
  • Osky shows extreme fear of Nex and Depore.
  • Osky plants Ouroboros into a deceased body by Navarus's request. The deceased body becomes Ouroboros' host, Just.


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