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Rana is the gravekeeper of the Serpent family's graveyard. She is a young blind girl whom Ninoorut Noah has taken with him when he met her in Serpent in search of Siana.


Rana is a petite young girl that appears to be anywhere from eight to twelve years old. Due to her illness she is rather frail and is often in need of assistance. She wears girly dresses and is shown to use a staff to assist in guiding her around. Rana has pointy ears and dark hair, her eyes are a dark shade that appear vacant due to her blindness.


Rana is a soft-spoken and hard-working girl. Even though she is blind, Rana insists on doing her job as the Serpent Family's Gravekeeper. Rana is somewhat timid, and prefers to avoid confrontation, and, because of her condition, often has to rely on others. Rana grows attached to people quickly, best shown by her relationship with Ninoorut Noah, whom she befriended and became attached to soon after they met.



Powers & Abilities

Caladborg's Influence

Against her wishes Rana is temporarily used as a vessel by a fragment of Caladborg's will. Under the demon stone's influence she becomes cruel and has an assortment of powers. Rana is able to teleport and summon energy beams to fire at her opponents. She is also capable of conjuring up shields to protect herself from harm. Through powers granted by Caladborg she becomes a competent opponent and is able to battle Xix, Ninoorut, and Just. However, she does not gain Caladborg's intelligence since she is easily outwitted by Just. It seems the fragment only contained Caladborg's blood-lust.


Ninoorut Noah

Rana took a liking to Ninoorut immediately after meeting him, and looked up to him like an older brother. Although Ninoorut would try to convince her that he didn't care about her, Rana would ignore his comments, knowing he was lying to try to distance himself from her for her own protection. When Ninoorut tried to convince her that she was simply his hostage, she simply smiled, noting that that was what it was like when he lied.


Rana is absolutely terrified of Just, after he freed her from Caladbolg. While waiting for Ninoorut under Merkava, Rana was found by Just and held captive by him. Despite how she feels, Just doesn't seem to be entirely aware of her feelings, interacting with her as if she were a close friend, and dragging her to Iffrita Noah's execution, where he gleefully narrated the spectacle to her as if it were a play (even reffering to Iffrita as the main actress).



Rana is one of the first female characters introduced with a disability (blindness).


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