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Regis Nexus Nex

The Human
The Regis




Male Male


Immortal Regis: 16

Flashback Arc: 18

Currently: Somewhere between 35-40

Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status


Personal Status



Miya (Daughter)
Siana (Daughter)
Unknown Son
Jae-Hoon (Brother)
Serin (Fomer-Lover)
Iffrita Noah (Fomer-Lover)


Undead Abilities
Negative Magic



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Regis Nex also formerly known as Chae Jae-Hyuk, is the king of Chaos. He has deep affection towards the Demon Clan's Serin. However, due to unknown circumstances, he imprisoned her for betraying him. It is still unknown who his son is but it is said that he has only one son. He also has a daughter with Iffrita Noah, Miya.


Regis Nex has brown hair and wears royal clothes with a cape. His clothes usually have fur. He can adjust his clothes with magic. When in battle he has his sword Depore and usually takes off his cape.


When Regis Nex was young he would help everyone in need. He was kind and very protective of his comrades, especially Serin. However, now Nex has changed completely. He is cruel and merciless towards other people. This could be the result from Serin betraying him and then running away with his child. Also, having lost his brother to Caladbolg, he has experienced great pain.

It is then reveal that his cruelty sprouted after a conversation with Caladbolg. Seeing the demon slaughter his men and innocent civilians horrified him, showing that he did care for people. After the talk, he resolves to kill the latter even when goaded at the possibility of his brother regaining control.

Another aspect is that he vehemently denies any relation with the Night Clan. This could be hinted to his reminding of how he became the king, or because of the secret fear he has of being a member of the Night, ie human, due to the knowledge that whatever Calabolg touches is mutated beyond recognition and losing his purpose in Chaos. Everything except him and his bloodline, due to him being night, human before, making his children human-demon and human-dragon hybrids.


Nex Human Boy

Young Nex in the human world

Long before he became the Regis, Demon Nexus Nex was named Chae Jae-Hyuk and lived with his young brother, Jae-Hoon, in a small one room apartment in the human world. The young Jae-Hyuk spent most of his time traveling between school and multiple part-time jobs, so that he could take care of his sick brother.[1]

During an unfortunate night, while trying to get his sickly brother to the hospital, he is accidentally injured by Demon Serin during a battle, and dies. She brings him back to life as an Undead but because his mere proximity to his ailing brother was slowly killing the young Jae-Hoon he accepts having to go to Chaos with Serin so that he can learn to control his powers and later return to his brothers side. Sadly, his brother is possessed by Caladborg which results in him cutting all ties with Serin who brought the child over for medical care. After dueling Caladborg and cutting alliances with Serin and his former school friends he chooses to travel alone with Depore as his sole companion.


At the beginning of the story, Regis Nex is shown traveling with his warriors to a neighboring village in order to destroy a traitor.[2] One of his warriors pleads for Nex not to slaughter the entire village which Nex quickly attacks the man for defying his word. Soon enough, the traitor and anybody deemed a follower was murdered. Nex, then travels to meet with Princess Yuan, the woman engaged to Prince Ninuroot.

Nex vs Xix

Nex confronts Xix

When the Princess arrives, Nex can easily detect the hostile energy radiating from Xix, but pretends to not notice it until he is close enough to strike both Xix and Yuan down easily. Xix is shocked by how easily Nex was willing to let the Princess die alongside him and takes the blow meant for both. Xix and Nex quickly duel with the Regis, along with Depore, proving to be the stronger combatant. During the middle of the duel, Nex is surprised to learn that Xix is another undead. But despite his shock he easily rips Xix's heart out and gloats over how an undead can still suffer some forms of pain.[3] He then orders for Xix to be dragged back to the castle as they return for the engagement ceremony.

Nex takes blood from Serin

Nex takes blood from Serin

Upon return, the Regis commands Yuan to meet the Prince. When Ninuroot attempts to show his father respect, the Regis snubs him publicly much to the Prince's humiliation. While the engagement commences, Nex steps out to go shower for the event. While his maids bathe him, Iffrita and Nex discuss about how silly her constant worrying over his well-being since he always returns home fine. A maid discovers that an injury Xix dealt him earlier still hasn't healed and Nex grows irritated and begins stalking off but is stopped by Iffrita, who attempts gaining her husband's attention.[4] He coldly dismisses her and heads off to the Great Betrayer's imprisonment chamber; Demon necromancer Serin.

When Nex sees the catatonic woman he is quick to gloat over how her betrayal led to her current situation. His hostility increases until he savagely bites into her to drain her healing blood.[5] After his wound his healed, he is quick to tell the unresponsive woman that as long as she is alive he will keep her in this state.

Xix interupts the ceremony

Xix interupts the ceremony

After his injury is healed, he returns to the ceremony and watches on in apparent absolute boredom. In the middle of the ceremony, Navarus interrupts the ceremony much to the shock of everyone, but Nex who finds the situation amusing.[6] Navarus claims to have found Nex's true heir and that Prince Ninuroot is a fake, which Iffrita is quick to dismiss as lies, while Nex asks for proof. Before Navarus can introduce the apparent heir, Xix reawakens possessed by the demon he had formed a contract with Skoll.

Skoll possessed Xix quickly strikes down several of the Imperial guard when the Prince steps in to fight, Nex watches with slight interest. While Xix and Ninuroot duel, Depore awakens to warn Nex that another evil has awaken. When Ninuroot is overpowered by Xix, Navarus's claimed true heir, Just, makes his appearance. Just easily overpowers the possessed undead being another one of Osky's evils himself; Ouroboros. Just is about to land the killing blow on Xix when Nex finally steps in to stop him.[7] Nex is suspicious of Just and questions him on being Serin and his child. He is especially interested in whether or not Just knows about the demon stone, Semek, that Serin had wielded. Just claims to be unaware of where the stone is, and Nex does not look appeased by this answer, but nonetheless accepts it as true. While they are discussing Just's legitimacy, a returned normal Xix makes his escape and Nex orders him to be killed upon found.[8]

Nex visits Osky

Nex visits Osky

Nex recognizes Skoll as one of Osky's creations and quickly travels to meet with the creator of evil. His main objective is to find out more information on the demons and if Oski is aware on whether or not Just is his true heir. When he meets with Oski, he quickly loses his temper when Oski taunts Nex about asking his first wife if Just is their son or not.[9] While he doesn't find any information on whether or not Just is truly his heir, he does find some information on Xix's hatred towards him.

After his meeting with Oski, he is informed on Miya's kidnapping by Night Clan members.[10] He travels to Thanatos where she was taken. When he finally arrives, he interuppts a battle between Owen and Seon Yu, his old classmates under Mistress Infinity's.[11] Seon Yu heatedly proclaims Nex as the slaughterer of his people and fiance, to which Nex reveals it was Seon Yu who was the true murderer all along in a state of madness.

Powers & Abilities

  • Dark Claw "True Form"
  • Dual Blades
  • Nex uses Depore
  • Depore Square
  • Down Time Square

As an Undead, he has increased strength, speed, endurance, accelerated healing, can siphon the life-force of people around him to accelerate his healing, negative magic (can be used to create armor, dark claw, etc.).

  • Dark Claw "True Form": Nex uses the Dark Claw to clad himself in a suit of black armor.[12]


A striking technique originally used only by members of the Serpent Clan, it can be used by those who have a body structure similar to serpent, however for those people, overusing the technique comes at a great cost to the user's life span. There are 9 levels in Tae geuk, Regis Nex achieved up to the 8th level, but did not try to reach the final level because of the cost to the user's life span.


A demon stone who is able to transform into different types of weapons. While fighting Caladbolg, Nex draws upon Depore's power in an effort to behead Caladbolg. At the same time, Depore is not indestructible, as seen when Nex's sword cracked after Caladborg stopped Nex's "Depore Square" attack.[13]

  • "Dual Blades" - Depore's form is changed from one large blade to two smaller ones.[14]
  • "Down Time Square" - freezes the opponent temporarily. Nex is first seen using this technique on Caladborg upon their encounter in the Banaan Clan Village.[15]
  • "Depore Square" - Depore's density is multiplied, thereby giving much more force and deadliness behind Depore's swing.[16] Also first demonstrated (albeit unsuccessfully) on Caladbolg in the slaughter of the Baanan Clan Village. Misuse of the technique could result in Depore sustaining damage. 


Demon Serin

Nex Serin

Jae-Hyuk hugs Serin before they kiss

When Nex first met Serin he was a human teenager going by his original name Jae-Hyuk Chae. Due to circumstances beyond their control, Serin accidentally strikes Jae-Hyuk down during a battle, seeing his desire to live Serin transforms him into an undead. After reviving him, Serin becomes his master and takes him away to her world, Chaos. The two develop a rocky relationship. At first, Jae-Hyuk is wary of her, but after numerous trials begins to see her in a more positive light. After Jae-Hyuk learns of Serin bringing his brother, Jae-Hoon, into Chaos and being transformed into the vessel of Caladborg; he tells her he longer wishes to see her.

Twenty years later, Jae-Hyuk has been given the title of Regis and now goes by Nexus Nex. Nex is married to a woman named Iffrita and has two children, Ninurrta and Miya. Nex holds no affection for Iffrita and Ninurrta due to suspicions. Soon the reader learns Nex has imprisoned a catatonic Serin deep within a sealed vault underneath the castle. After being injured in battle, Nex savagely draws blood from Serin and tells her she will belong to him for as long as she lives. When the current generation searches for answers to the past, Osky provides a flashback to what events transpire after Jae-Hoon is taken away to Earth. Jae-Hyuk and Serin have stopped all communication for the past two years and he shows great disdain whenever her name is mentioned. When Calaborg makes his return to Chaos and attacks Serin in the process, Jae-Hyuk learns about his return and rushes to find him. He finds Caladborg and his accomplice Nirvana torturing Serin. Jae-Hyuk and Serin join forces to fight off Calaborg. After Caladborg flees, Serin is brought to her house for treatment, Jae-Hyuk visits her and the atmosphere proves awkward.

Neither teenager can figure out what to say to the other until Serin breaks down crying. She confesses how sorry she is for all the events that had happened to him. He forgives her and the two share an intimate kiss. Once she recovers they visit a village, where Calaborg reappears attacking Chao's citizens. He tells his victims the attacks will end with Serin's death; Jae-Hyuk and Serin flee to regroup with fellow allies. The group head to Calaborg's location where the prophet tells Jae-Hyuk that it is inadvoidable that Serin will die. During a battle with Calaborg, the demon gives Jae-Hyuk two choices: save a possessed Serin or Chaos. Jae-Hyuk chooses Serin. The group decide for Jae-Hyuk to become the Regis to restore balance and during the ceremony Serin gives him the demon name, Nexus Nex. Nex and Serin make a final effort to save Chaos that almost causes Serin to die. She is revived and Nex is shown crying, during his coronation it is revealed Serin is his fiance.

Unknown events caused a pregnant Serin to attack Nex and flee which leads to the events in current times.

Iffrita Noah

Nex meets Iffrita

Nex meets Iffrita

Iffrita became obsessed with Nex after their first meeting and does everything possible to gain his attention. She becomes more openly sexual because of her attraction and her father influencing her to seduce Nex. Iffrita was a very kind person but became cruel from jealousy and wishing to avenge her mother's death caused by Navarus. After remembering Navarus killing her mother she chooses to try becoming queen as a form of payback. She sleeps with her cousin, Mikhail, to tale advantage of his affections in order to gain his help for becoming queen. She becomes pregnant, but it's uncertain if Mikhail is truly the father since she approaches Nex and claims he is the father. After Serin flees, Nex makes her his new fiance but harbors no love towards her. Iffrita tries her hardest to gain his affection but it's all in vain since it becomes more and more obvious that Nex still loves Serin despite her betrayal.

Twenty years later, she is troubled that she may lose her position as queen and her son, Ninurrta, may get dethroned as prince. She is manipulative and cruel towards her servants and uses her power to try staying queen. After Just and Xix appear, she becomes greatly concerned and tries persuading Nex that both boys are fakes. She is infuriated after learning Nex has disqualified Ninurrta after his kidnap despite her efforts in lying.

Ninurrta Noah

Nex pays little attention to Ninurrta who tries his hardest to gain Nex's approval. Nex has his doubts that Ninurrta is his son and when Just appears his doubts increase. Nex demands a ceremony preformed to prove which candidate is truly his son. Ninurrta is kidnapped before his turn. Nex orders his capture either dead or alive, Ninurrta finally decides to abandon his title as crowned prince after learning this.


Nex and Miya

Nex holding his daughter Miya.

Miya is Nex and Iffrita's daughter. Between Ninurrta and Miya, he shows more concern to the latter. Miya often questions if Nex loves her and her concern is lessen after learning Nex provides his blood to heal her. Miya suffers conditions similar to her uncle, Jae-Hoon.


Xix becomes a candidate for the true son ceremony when his blood releases an Imperial seal. Xix hates Nex for slaughtering his village and his closest friend, Siana, as a child. Xix swears revenge, but is never able to defeat Nex. Nex is interested in Xix, who he questions if he is his son. After Xix releases the seal, Nex keeps the boy close to watch his actions which infuriate Xix. Some of the other characters note that Nex's actions towards Xix begin to tone down after he questions whether the boy is his son; however, Nex is not above using pain to get Xix to bend to his will. If the two are related this could be an example of "tough love." During most of their interaction scenes, Xix glowers and spits out various insults at Nex which Nex, for the most part, either ignores or finds some amusement in the teenager's antics. However, their scenes together seem to always end with Nex either reprimanding the boy or nearly killing him. 

It was revealed in Chapter 64, that Xix is Serin's son. However, it is still unknown if the Regis is his father.

In a flashback scene, Nex is seen discussing with his then wife, Serin, on naming their baby "Xix" if the child is a boy. Based on the raws Nex was excited at the prospect of having children with Serin; however, Nex has shown no recognition of Xix's name in current times.


Nex's daughter confirmed as of later chapters, the two have not had any interaction with each other, but have run into each other on certain occasions. Nex actually met a young Siana once, but was unaware of their relations, but she did seem to catch his interest. Siana does share her father's traits in his youth, she possesses his stubborn and reckless nature and some of his goofy humor pre-Jae-Hoon possession by Caladborg.

In a sad turn of events, Nex is still unaware that he is the cause for Siana's early death, along with Xix's.

During a flashback scene he discusses with his then wife, Serin, on naming their baby "Siana" if it's a girl. Based on raws, Nex was excited on the prospect of having children with Serin; however, in current times Nex still has yet to actually meet Siana and shows no recognition of her name when Xix repeatedly demands to know why Nex allowed his warriors to slaughter their village.


  • "You're still the same. Your body's being tortured, your mind being eaten by nightmares... It's a punishment worse than death... The traitor of Chaos. The one who betrayed me. Ironic, don't you think? If you aren't alive, I also can't go on living. As long as I need your blood. You are mine. A piece of bone, a drop of blood, all of it. I'll never let it go. Serin." - Regis Nex to Serin, in Chapter 5.
  • "Claiming to be my son, and even running away, I can tolerate them. However! Rebelling against me... I will not forgive. Go ahead and vanish along with those you care about." - Regis Nex to Xix, in Chapter 45.
  • "If there's a life I can save, if that someone desires my help, I will not stand idle while that life vanishes right in front of me. That's my sense of justice." - Jae-Hyuk, Ch. 34

Chapter Appearances


  • His original name was Chae Jae-Hyuk before Serin named him Demon Nexus Nex.
  • His sword is Depore Magnasetia.


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