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Demon Stone


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Professional Status

Serin (Former)
Xix (Former)

Semek is a magical stone just like Depore. It has great power, and once a pact is formed with it's controller, the controller gains unbelievable power.

Semek is a necklace that Demon Navarus gave to his daughter Serin. Now it is supposed to be in the possesion of Serin's child.

About Semek


Semek's necklace form.

Semek is a stone that reacts only to demon power. Semek takes on a human-like form in the shape of a man in his early twenties when emerging from the stone. He wears loose clothing and has markings on his skin. His complexion is tan with blond hair. Whoever is in possession usually loses self-control and goes on a rampage. Semek is bloodthirsty, but shows concern for whoever is his master. It is rather unsettling how dissonant Semek's attitude is when it comes to the battlefield. Whereas his wielder will fall into a crazed frenzy to battle Semek is the polar opposite and seems amused with the carnage happening around him. While the battlefield is erupted in chaos and warriors are falling one by one Semek just smugly observes his wielder's abilities.

When in demon form he takes on the form of a rod connected by two huge swords. In Immortal Regis and Cavalier of the Abyss, Serin is shown possessed by Semek and goes on a rampage.

It's current location

When Serin escaped from the castle, she took Semek with her. She then visited the Baanan Clan Village and left Semek along with baby Xix with the village Chief. When Xix made a contract with the demon Skull, he left Semek in the possesion of Osky. Now Osky currently holds possesion of Semek.